Research Groups

Sensory Systems

Michael Jonz

Transduction of sensory stimuli and synaptic transmission. Patch-clamp recording of ion channel activity in oxygen-sensitive chemoreceptors, and retinal neurons.

John Lewis

population coding, electric fish, leech, dynamic clamp in sensory systems, linking sensory dynamics to behavior.

Andre Longtin

modeling neural activity in sensory systems, and the role of feedback, oscillations, noise and plasticity in neural coding.

Cathy Morris

neurotrauma, mechanoreceptors, cell volume regulation, computational modeling

Richard Naud

neural coding, neural networks, electrophysiological cell types, neural computation, dendritic computation, learning

Len Maler

computational neuroscience, synaptic plasticity and feedback, sensory processing

Georg Northoff

resting-state-stimulus interactions, default mode network, psychiatric illness, neurophilosophy

Jean-Philippe Thivierge

functional networks, connectomics, multi-electrode arrays

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